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    The Worst Breakfast for Your Health

    I know, it is quite common and if you hear again that the breakfast is the foremost a meal of the day, you are going to get crazy. Nevertheless, the accord appears to be pretty clear on this one, and you can discover a lot of researches demonstrating that people who miss out breakfast: Have fewer energy and are more grumpy Are more absent-minded than people who take breakfast Can be 450% more likely to become overweight Have a 21% higher danger for Type II diabetes Therefore, in actual fact the nastiest breakfast for your health is no breakfast at all. Save for there’s a close second, and it may…

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    How to Cure A Hangover!

    In the spirit of my current condition, I thought I’d take a few minutes to discuss the finer points of curing a hangover. We all know what causes a hangover, but what exactly is a hangover? One simple word: Revenge. A hangover is your body’s way of punishing you for poisoning yourself. You wouldn’t pour sulfuric acid in your gas tank and expect your car to win the Indy 500, and your body is no different. Just replace racing with basic motor skills and the ability to effectively leave your bed. It’s far too late for fun analogies though, isn’t it? You’ve already made your mistakes; lucky for you, you…

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    5 Things Every Person in Their Twenties Should Do

    Top 5 Things Every Man in Their Twenties Should Do 1) Write a Bucket List The number one thig I’d say to do must be to make a bucket list. Although writing one can make a great thing to keep in your memories, the main thing is to think of your goals, and things you want to do and see, while you can. Since writing mine, and some of my mates writing theirs we’ve began to make plans to do some of them together. The list is also a great excuse to do things you’ve always wanted to! 2) Take More Care in What You Eat The old cliché is…

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    Throwing a party

    With all the new recipes I have been trying out lately I’ve been desperate to show them off and also try and convince some of my friends that this whole food kick I am on is not only delicious but good for you too. What better way to showcase my culinary masterpieces than by hosting a party for my somewhat sceptical friends that includes some of my favourite recipes as the main event!

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    Better baking with nuts

    I think we can all agree that fresh baked goods are delicious, the smell, the taste the sugary goodness, what is not to like? I have a good friend who is allergic to gluten which puts a bit of a damper on baked goods, gluten-free flours don’t have quite the same texture or taste as the regular stuff and after some disastrous results with substituting ingredients, I resolved to find naturally gluten-free recipes instead. Luckily my friend has no nut allergies because I found an excellent series of recipes that use no flour whatsoever, what they use instead are ground up nuts. I had no idea that you could use…

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    Roots rock

    Autumnal times call for Autumnal measures which is why I have been cracking out the root veggies, from beetroots to yams there is nothing better for dark nights than a hearty meal. Shepards pie was always a firm favourite in my house; a delicious mix of tasty veg mingling with fresh ground beef mince topped with the holy grail of comfort food- mashed potato! 

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    Meal prepping

    I had a busy work week coming up that I knew would result in late nights and not much time in the middle of the day so I decided to use it as an opportunity to try out meal prepping. Meal prepping, if you haven’t heard of it, is when you prepare all your meals for the week (or any given time) in advance.  The most obvious advantage is that you have a weeks worth of tasty food all ready to go! Other benefits of food prepping include being able to control portion size easily and effectively, less cooking time is required as you are cooking everything at once in…